My girls attend the kids classes – Atom’s & Straw’s and they absolutely LOVE it!!! Leirosa is an absolute Gem and has such patience with the kids… My 3 year old is already developing great technique, follows along with everything AND she is engaged the whole class!!!

- Elisa Brown

Shaun Caruana

About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to join the army. However, at the time, I was unhealthy and unfit. I was a drinker and unmotivated. An old work friend told me about Kimekai and he took me along. I was instantly hooked. The training is awesome, the coaches are professionals and will perfect your technique.

The intensity is always high and you get out as much as you put it. On a personal level, I lost weight, became fit and healthy. I can honestly say Kimekai set me up for success when I joined the army. At 28 (an old man in the army), I am one of the fittest, fastest and strongest in my platoon.

Thanks again to Kimekai MMA

Shaun Caruana