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    Check out our youngest Super Stars- ATOMS! This Graded Program provides 2-3 years with a space for age appropriate martial arts: Meaning Basic Motor skills, Drills, Fitness, Discipline and FUN.  In addition there is also a Fundamentals 4 year old class, preparing them for bigger things in our Straw’s and Fly’s Program. You will be surprised at what these ATOM’s are capable of- Enjoy watching your child learn the values of martial arts.


    Welcome to our 5-7 year old Super stars- STRAWS! This Program will introduce your child to the values of martial arts socially, mentally and physically.  Your child will be equipped with the basics of Wrestling, Jui Jitsu positioning, and the basics of Striking. As such we promote RESPECT and DISCIPLINE inside and outside of the DOJO. Our age-appropriate Program keeps our STRAWS on their toes, providing plenty of Fun, and room to explore new techniques.

  • FLYS

    Welcome to our Senior FLY’s division! These kids will blow you away with the range of technique, value for martial arts they will gain. Besides Kimekai’s unique Mixed Martial Arts Grading Program and Inter club competitions, there are many opportunities for your child to go further: not to mention the benefits of raised self confidence, discipline and  love for an extra curricular activity during those teenage years! See the benefits yourself!

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Kids MMA Grading


10:30 ATOMS Jr (2-3yrs)

4:30pm STRAWS (5-8yrs)

5:00pm FLYS (8yrs +)





4:30pm STRAWS (5-8yrs)

5:00pm FLYS (8+ yrs)



4:30 Atoms 4 yr old Fundamentals

5:00pm FLYS (8yrs+)


4:30pm STRAWS (5-8yrs)

5:00pm FLYS (8+ yrs)





4:30pm ATOMS 4 yr old Fundamentals

5:00pm STRAWS (5-8yrs)