Meet Kimekai MMA Instructors and Staff

Kimekai’s Coaches have a wealth of experience competing and coaching across the globe since the 1980′s. All Kimekai Coaches are Government Accredited.

We have cornered combat athlethes in MMA, Kickboxing, MuayThai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, BJJ, & Karate not just in Australia but Asia, North & South America and Europe.

We pride ourselves in training our athletes to compete to an International level- be it amateur or professional. Our Team has athletes born in more than 20 different nations. We are a true reflection of what Melbourne, Australia is. Our mission is to bring Australian Combat Sports athletes to compete on a global stage. For those who have no interest in competition or fighting we take a true family approach to training where your goals in fitness and martial art skill are pursued the Champions way.

Kimekai is a very inclusive school where all are welcome!

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is the first Peter de Been affiliate, which started in 1996 under blackbelt Marco Mazzanti. We focus on developing the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Covering the stand up aspect of MMA is Ed Bavelock who is a former USA Muaythai champion as well as various titles in Kickboxing and a Shukokai Karate 3rd Dan. Ed was captain of his high school Wrestling team and a Region champion.

Ed Bavelock

Hi my name is Ed Bavelock. Mixed Martial Arts is my passion and passionate students are my drive in the industry. I have over 35 years experience in Martial Arts and Coaching and I love what I do! I have been fortunate enough to coach students to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and a number of Professional Fighters. But my passion is to see people reach their own full potential; which I believe Kimekai MMA has created and continually creates an environment wherein students can do exactly that.

Nick 'banjo' Patterson

Hi my name is Nick 'Banjo' Patterson. I live and breathe for this sport of ours called Mixed Martial Arts. I have experience in all sorts of Martial Arts since I was a little boy right through to having my first professional MMA bout in 2007. Today I am a qualified Coach and Licensed Trainer under the Victorian Combat Sports Board. My current MMA fight record is 14-1-4. I also have Fight experience in K1, Kickboxing, BJJ and Mauy Thai. When I am not training I am training my students. I love sharing in the team spirit at Kimekai MMA and driven when I see my own students achieve and overcome their own trials.

Ryan Pyne

My name is Ryan Pyne. I have been at Kimekai for 6 years. The biggest enjoyment I have as a coach is seeing my students grow not only in their martial arts knowledge and skill, but also in self confidence and as individuals. Fight Experience- 4 Amateur MMA fights, 3 wins 1 loss. BJJ Purple Belt. Australian BJJ Champs 2009 Second Place. Australian BJJ Champs 2010 Second Place.

Anthony Cowley

My name is Anthony 'Oilcan' Cowley. I've Been at Kimekai since 2006 been training MMA with Ed since 2007.

Had my first kickboxing fight on my 18th bday and have been hooked ever since.

My Favourite thing about coaching is seeing constant improvement in my students. There is nothing better then watching your students work hard because they just want to get better. The more effort they put in the more effort I want to put into training them.

Fight experience :- kickboxing 4-4-0 Amateur MMA 3-0-0 Pro MMA 1-0-0


Geordie MacDonald

My name is Geordie McDonald I've been at Kimekai since 2012. I've been training since 2007. The thing I enjoy most about coaching is watching people grow and develop. I love that I'm able to pass on skills I've learned to those eager to develop. My fight experience is 5 kickboxing/mod. Muay Thai (3 wins), 1 mod MMA (1win tko), some grappling competition experience.

Leirosa Patterson


Hi my name is Leirosa. I have been at Kimekai MMA since 2009. My martial Arts experience started when I was 6 years old, particpating in Tae-Kwon-Do. Over the years I found an interest in boxing that ultimately lead to my love of Mixed Martial Arts. I enjoy all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts especially boxing and BJJ. My current record for MMA is one fight for one draw. I enjoy the journey of learning and overcoming the harder aspects of training and making them your strength. Today I am a qualified Sports Coach as well as certified in Strength & Conditioning. Coaching is very rewarding, and in particular I love watching our younger members who's faces light up when they achieve their goals.

Ken Horn

I'm the youth coach at Chelsea Heights. Currently I am a purple belt with a Masters Degree in Teaching Primary school. Teaching BJJ to youth students is my main passion and I love sharing the mats with my kids. I am a dedicated coach who will consistently provide feedback and guidance to my students. We love going to competitions and having a fun learning experience. My main goal is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for our students.