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Little Bit about Kimekai MMA

Kimekai MMA is a Premium Mixed Martial Arts School that combines the true values of Martial Arts and Modern Progressive Techniques. Kimekai MMA is under the supervision of Head Coach Ed Bavelock, UFC Coach and former U.S. Muay Thai Boxing Champion and Gracie Jiu Jitsu & Karate Champion Marco Mazzanti.

Our School is designed to develop the student not only in physical health and fitness but provide ongoing and effective skills in Muay Thai, Freestyle Wrestling, Jui Jitstu and of course the wonderful sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Kimekai MMA provides a structured Grading Matrix and Program for Students to set goals and broaden their horizons to Amateur and Professional Competition.  But even if competition is not your goal there is plenty of benefits to training in Martial Arts.

Raise your self-confidence, learn self control, encourage concentration, know your family can be protected; and don't forget to have some FUN!

What this means for YOU, is that YOU get the BEST training available in Melbourne. YOU will learn the skills of Mixed Martial Arts with ease and EARN the respect and admiration of your peers.

Our primary mission is to teach our students skills and tools they can truly use in their everyday life. Tools like the ability to persevere through difficult times; to stay positive when life throws up a road block and of course work ethic.

If you haven't tried Kimekai Mixed Martial Arts Do It!

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We Guarantee You will LOVE it 100%.

  • Training with Kimekai MMA will build confidence in you
  • Training with Kimekai MMA will teach you discipline
  • Training Kimekai MMA is an excellent physical workout
  • Training Kimekai MMA will teach you self-defense.

We are looking forward to see you on the mat

Kimekai MMA Team

  • Adults Program

    Gym not really doing it for you? Want to train with a purpose? Our large range of Adult Programs is the answer for you! Whether you want Weight loss, learn skills, a better social atmosphere, or get into Competition; Kimekai MMA is the answer for you! Inquire now to see your options for classes or come into them all!

  • BJJ Adults

    Kimekai MMA has a large range of BJJ classes across two locations! Whether you’re interested in traditional GI BJJ or tailored towards NO-GI and MMA we have you covered.


    Kimekai MMA enjoys raising the Champion within. If you have never competed before we have the stepping stones from the Club Grading, to Inter-Club competition to Amateur and then Professional Competition. Kimekai MMA Fight team is overseen by UFC Coach Ed Bavelock who lives and breathes for those with the passion for growing in Martial Arts.

  • Fitness & Weightloss

    Welcome to Kimekai MMA Fitness Corner. There is plenty of Weight loss, Cardio, Speed and Strength Value in our huge range of Classes; whether Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, MMA or Muay Thai. However if your after more; there is plenty more! Kimekai MMA has a range of Strength & Conditioning Classes designed to build the body for our sport or can be tailored to your specific needs!

    MMA  is also a brilliant way to cross-train if you are involved in another sport. Kimekai can also offer Private Coaching sessions; so plenty of options to improve and reach those Goals!

  • Kickboxing Classes

    Kimekai Kickboxing Classes are found at all three locations! Fantastic for learning Skills, Fitness and endurance. Loads of FUN! Classes offered at Chelsea Heights, Cheltenham and Cranbourne.

  • Youth Class

    Our youth classes promote the growth mindset in our children. They learn that focus and respect, coupled with hard work leads to success on and off the mats. Students learn the fundamentals of self-defense and make lifelong friends with their training partners.

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